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Resume Writing Tips | Break the Rules

It’s important to follow the rules, unless that rules are stupid

BREAKING NEWS: Most resume writing rules are STUPID

Here are examples of stupid resume writing rules…..

Write career history in reverse chronological order | This limits your ability to sell yourself effectively. What is your most recent work experience is not your most relevant work experience?

Include a key skills section in your resume | A total waste of time, words, and important space on the first page of your resume. Don’t state you have a skill, demonstrate your achievements related to that skill

Write your career objective at the top of your resume | Another waste of time, words, and important space on the first page of your resume. When reviewing your resume, the employer doesn’t care about your objectives, they only care if you can do their job and if they want to interview you

List ALL your qualifications and training on your resume | Only list relevant qualifications and training. Make life easier for the hiring manager

Believe me, there are many more……

The ONLY rule you MUST follow – Thou shalt not lie!!

I love this quote from Pablo Picasso

‘Learn rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist’

Be an artist, be creative, be the best you can be on paper

Don’t be afraid to break the rules!

You won’t go to jail, but you may go to more interviews

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resume writing tips
resume writing tips