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Interview Skills Coaching | Tips | Tricky Questions

Job interviews are tough, but not as tough as we make them. You can predict a lot of questions that come up during interview, which means you can prepare for a lot of questions that come up during interview. A smarter approach will deliver impressive results.

One question that comes up in every interview is “what do you know about our company?” Why do job seekers struggle. Below is a short post from my e-book “LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO YOUR NEXT JOB”! Feel free to reach out an get your FREE copy

Not So Tricky Questions | What do you know about our company?

You MUST torture + punish the poor interviewer(s)

You can easily do this by listing the following

★ when the company was founded

★ number of staff

★ any other boring facts from the website

Told to answer like this? Sorry, that’s fake news!

This question offers you an excellent opportunity to

★ showcase your interest

★ make yourself memorable

Are you showcasing your interest?

★ Not if you only click + read ‘about us’ page

★ SOLUTION = arse + get up off

Are you making yourself memorable?

★ Not if you’re just regurgitating ‘about us’ page

★ SOLUTION = ABW (Anything But Website)

Final point!!

You do need to know the boring stuff (website)

Just in case they specifically ask about it

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