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Interview Coaching | Authentic

Interview Coaching Service | Recognised Interview Coach | Paul Mullan

Competency Based Interviews Demystified

  • Acquire the skills to pick impactful examples
  • Learn the Storytelling Methodology
  • Unearth maps to guide your answers

Video Interviews Made Easy

  • Learn key tips your competition doesn’t know
  • Acquire know-how to keep the interviewer engaged
  • Learn some simple cheats (your comfort blanket)

Traditional Job Interviews Simplified

  • Learn the 3 pillars for interview preparation
  • Understand 4 simple steps to preparation
  • Uncover the secrets to handling difficult questions

“I was like a different person during the interview. I spoke about my achievements without embarrassment. The information just seemed to be there, so my answers were crisp and concise. It felt like everything I prepared came up during the interview as you predicted. I’ll let you know how I got on, but either way I am thrilled, I have never performed to that level at any interview before.”

Paul can help you navigate any type of interview (competency based, video, panel, or traditional). You will learn success strategies from one of the most recognised interview coaches in Ireland. Paul has been successfully helping job seekers for 20+ years. He has perfected and created simple programmes to ensure you land more job offers and promotions

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