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Interview Coach

Interview Coach

Paul Mullan is a leading Interview Coach, CV Writer, and Outplacement Consultant. He has been supporting job seekers for 20+ years. Paul supports job seekers across all types of job interviews, including competency-based interviews for HSE, County Council | Local Authority, and Public Sector | Civil Service. He has worked across all industry sectors, supporting from entry level up to executive level roles


  • Typically, a 2-hour session via Zoom
  • Session includes short mock interview, feedback, and improvement strategies
  • Approach = Keep it simple, zero jargon, and upbeat delivery
  • All participants get concise notes to take away

Competency Based Interview Skills Coaching

  1. How to structure your answers
  2. What the interview panel are really listening for within your examples
  3. How to build easy-to-remember answers

Traditional Job Interview Skills Coaching

  1. The 3 pillars for interview success
  2. The 6 simple steps for interview preparation
  3. Easy answers to common interview questions             

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You will receive a comprehensive and friendly service. The focus is to deliver simple, concise strategies to maximise performance during interview. As well as empowering you with more know-how, the session will have you brimming with confidence, ensuring you do yourself justice at your upcoming interview(s)

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