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CV writing tips | CV Service | Dublin

CV writing tips – Creating an impactful CV (CV Service, Dublin)

Most job seekers focus on duties and responsibilities when writing their CV. This can make CV content bland and uninteresting. It’s important to change focus away from duties, towards delivery or results, as this type of information will excite the reader.

CV writing – Start with this CV brainstorming exercise

First thing you need to do is to find the exciting information. Review each of your previous job roles. Use the following questions to probe for achievements…

What did I change?
What did I improve?
How did I add value?
What were my key achievements, outcomes or results?
Did I win any awards or receive formal recognition?
What projects did I lead (or part of)?

NB: You need to be specific, with tangible outcomes or measurable results.

I grew sales revenue = Grew sales revenue by 20% over 2 years.
I cut costs = Led cost programme, saving €400k.
I managed and motived a successful team = Led a team of 20 staff.
I improved processes and systems = Instrumental in the implementation of SAP.

CV writing – Putting information on your CV

Less is more – If you can get your message across in 10 words don’t use 20. Avoid long statements/paragraphs, as this will turn the reader off.

Bullet points – Bullet points re easier to read and digest. Keep bullet points to one line, certainly no more than two.

Priority – Think about the order you place bullet points. Recruiters can spend as little as 20 seconds reviewing your CV, therefore, give them the important information (bullet points) first.

Paul Mullan is a leading Irish CV writer. He has over 17 years of experience writing CVs, across all levels and skillsets. Paul writes CVs that excite recruiters, open doors, and ultimately deliver more opportunities to interview. Contact Paul for a quote or CV review. Paul is based in Dublin BUT writes CVs for clients nationwide!!