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CV Writing Service – Curriculum Vitae Tips

CV Writing Service – Curriculum Vitae Tips

Personal Details: Personal details will normally be found at the top of your CV. You should include name, address, phone number, and email address. Ensure you have a professional email address on your CV. Ensure personal details are up-to-date and accurate, as I’ve often been unable to contact a job seeker due to inaccurate contact details.

Value Statement: Quite a few CVs include a personal profile. These are often bland paragraphs, that don’t address the employers’ requirements. A value statement is not about what you want. It should be and impactful statement highlighting what you can offer the employer.

Education & Training: Education is generally listed in reverse chronological order, except when you want certain qualifications brought to the fore. If you have excessive training, try to focus on the important awards. If you don’t meet minimum education requirements then position this section on the second page of your CV.

Work History: Normally listed in reverse chronological order. There are exceptions to this rule, for example, if you need to bring a previous work experience to the fore. Clearly outline dates of employment, company name and job title. Bring this section to life by including your achievements and results. IMPORTANT: Ensure you include content that’s relevant to the employer requirements.

Additional Information: This section can capture any other information. You can include information that may add weight to your application, but doesn’t warrant front page of CV status.

Interests: There are mixed opinions about this the inclusion of this section. Interests can be important for a number of reasons. You may have interests relevant for the job. Many interviewers often start interviews by discussing interests. Having similar interests as the interviewer can have a positive impact on your meeting.

References: You can list referees at bottom of the CV. Or it’s enough to state “References available on request”.

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