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CV Writing Must Do’s

CV writing “must do’s” to help you land that dream job …..

CVs still have a very important role to play in any job search. Get your CV right and you’ll land more job interviews. Get your CV right and you’ll actually perform better at job interviews.

So, how do you get it right?

Below are some simple tips to help you construct a strong CV. Follow these CV writing tips and you’ll see immediate improvements in your application to job interview ratio….

  • Never go beyond two pages
  • Try to get important information of page one
  • Forget about duties and responsibilities, think achievements and results
  • Use bullet points. Try to keep them to one line
  • Use action verbs to start all statements
  • Use a professional summary to grab the attention of the reader
  • Use an additional information section to highlight other key selling points
  • Use uniformed font style, it’s easier on the eye
  • Use clear section headings to guide the reader
  • Don’t list referees, unless requested by the employer
  • Use minimum font size 11
  • Place emphasis on your relevant work experience
  • Place emphasis on relevant qualifications and training
  • Let your words breath by ensuring you’ve left enough white space
  • Pick a layout that’s simple and easy to read

Before you go, always remember my three principles for effective CV writing

  • Information positioning – get important information on page one
  • Impactful content – think achievements!!
  • Visual appearance – make life easy for the reader

Thanks for taking the time to read my CV writing article. I hope you found the CV tips useful. They are simple, but sometimes simple steps can deliver massive results. Action them today and you’ll start to see immediate results. Good luck with your job search!

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