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CV Writing Tips from and Expert CV Writing Consultant

Highlight Achievements | Showcase your achievements and results across work experience, education, and extracurricular. Your objective is to stand out, not look the same as your competitors. Achievements will help you do this. Unearthing your achievements will help you write an impactful CV, but also help you present your value proposition better at job interviews

Quality NOT Quantity | Remember, less is more. Try to keep your statements succinct and impactful. Use bullet points, and start all statements with an action verb e.g., Delivered. Less works will be easier to digest, but also make your achievements stand out more!

Positioning Information | Be smart, and don’t just follow HR guides. You need to be creative to get as much of your relevant information on page one, whether this be education or work experience. Most CV reviewers will only spend 10 to 20 seconds reviewing your CV. If it’s not on the first page, it’s likely it won’t be read!

Focused Content | Write about what is relevant to the role you are targeting, simple! The job spec will help you stay focused!

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Paul Mullan is a leading CV Writer, creating interview generating CVs for 20+ years. He has helped all levels, graduate to executive, land more interviews via impactful CVs. Paul offers a nationwide service (Dublin, Galway, Cork, Limerick, Waterford) via phone, email, and video. His approach is simple, his results are impressive. You will get to work with an expert who knows the Irish job market, and not be farmed out to a third party. You are buying 20+ years of knowledge

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