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Using ChatGPT to write your CV

Can ChatGPT help you create an impactful CV

WARNING: This didn’t end well!!

I embrace new technology, assessing if it can add value to my work, or help my clients. I was one of the first to embrace social media and LinkedIn for job search. Now, we have AI, and the topic of the day is ChatGPT

I encountered my first client that used ChatGPT to assist with CV writing, more specifically to write their professional summary

Below was the outcome. Let’s just say I was a little underwhelmed

“Dedicated and results-oriented sales manager with over 10 years of experience in sales and marketing. Proven success in data-driven campaigns and strategic product-sales initiatives, resulting in significant sales increases. Accustomed to working in a fast-paced and high-volume environment, while managing and motivating a sales team to meet and exceed corporate expectations. Experienced in utilizing interpersonal and communication skills to build long term relationships. Skilled in analysing customer data, adjusting product offerings and implementing forward-thinking campaigns”.

On the surface, many people may think that this reads well

For me, NO!!

I call this summary “ZEBRA”, because it’ll make you look like everyone else

  • This summary is bland – lacks substance or impact, won’t grab the reader
  • This summary has too much fluff e.g., statements like “results-orientated”
  • Finally, I like bullet points, makes it easier for the reader to access information

You can find multiple similar summaries across the internet, and if you are honest, your summary probably reads a little like the above ChatGPT creation

Use your CV to try to differentiate and stand out, not morph into your competition. Looking the same as your competition will make it harder to get noticed and land interviews

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