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Resume Writing Tips

Get your mum to write your resume. And, by the way, she should probably sit your job interviews too

WHY? She’d sell you better than you’d sell yourself

When writing your resume, ask yourself the following questions….

Would my mum copy and paste my job description?

No, she鈥檇 try to make me more interesting than that. Focus on achievements

Would my mum list out my job duties?

No, she鈥檇 focus on my amazing successes and achievements. Replace duties with achievements

Would my mum be 100% focused on me?

Yes! But, let鈥檚 change this, don鈥檛 tell her, might hurt her feelings. ONLY focus on what鈥檚 RELEVANT to the reader (tip: job spec will help you here)

Would my mum steal my summary from the internet?

Of course not, don鈥檛 be silly. She鈥檇 write a unique summary that stands out. You MUST create an immediate impact in your summary

Would my mum use bland clich茅s that everyone uses?

No, she wouldn鈥檛, she always said you were special, different from other kids. Avoid generic words and cliches e.g., team player, highly organised

Would my mum sell me in all sections of my resume, even ‘Interests’?

Damn sure! She keep my medals and clippings in the attic. You MUST sell yourself across all sections of your CV

For once, do what your mum says!

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