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CV Writing: Think of it as an Easter Egg hunt

Except, hide your eggs where recruiters can find them!!

Recruiters and hiring managers love chocolate. Therefore, they’d spend loads of time hunting for Easter Eggs. But, recruiters and hiring managers HATE sifting CVs. Therefore, they’d spend little time hunting for key info. Make it easy for recruiters to find your key info. Or, after 10-15 seconds, they’ll give up

Some simple ideas ……
★ Place critical info on page one of your CV
★ Assume content on page two won’t be read
★ Be creative, break rules!!
★ Use your summary as a signpost
★ Minimise irrelevant content
★ Change the order you locate content

NB: It’s a competitive job market! You have 10-15 seconds to stand out and get noticed! Be creative to stand out and get noticed. Follow this advice and it’s simple, YOU WILL LAND MORE JOB INTERVIEWS!!!

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