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Tips to Write an Impactful CV

Tips to Write an Impactful CV | Curriculum Vitae

Below is a post from my e-book “Laughing all the way to your new job”. I’ve taken a fun approach to deliver key messages across CV writing, job search, and interview preparation. Below is a post that outlines some key considerations when writing your CV

VC Writing Tips: Learning Latin at school was costly

You missed out on job interviews as a result!

Curriculum Vitae is Latin for “the course of my life”

Sadly, too many job seekers took this literally

And, as a result, poor recruiters suffer

Forced to read long and boring stories about your lives

Let me help you (job seeker) and those poor recruiter

Think VC instead of CV

CV is an abbreviation for “Curriculum Vitae”

VC is an abbreviation for “Very Concise”

So, that wasn’t an error in the title

Here are my VC CV Writing Tips

  1. Get rid of career objectives and “zebra” profiles
  2. Remove key competencies and key skills
  3. Take out irrelevant jobs and job content
  4. Get rid of irrelevant qualifications
  5. Extract unimportant personal details

Basically, NOT relevant or impactful, then BIN IT

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