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Curriculum Vitae | How to STAND OUT!

How to ensure your CV stands out in a crowded market

Here are some simple tips that can help….

  • Focus on achievements and outcomes, avoiding duties and responsibilities
  • Insert a strong professional summary to grab the reader in the first 10-seconds
  • Less is more – your CV should be no longer than 2-pages (750 words MAX)
  • Ensure critical information is on the first page (don’t assume 2nd page will be read
  • Use bullet points – make it easier for the reader to digest the information
  • Start all statements with “action verbs” e.g., delivered, transformed, or increased
  • Use uniform fonts and styles – again, simple is easier to read and navigate
  • DON’T use columns – harder to read and ATS don’t like them
  • DON’T have a key skills section – waste of space

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