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COVER LETTERS | waste of time + energy

In fact, don’t even bother reading this post

Why are cover letters a waste of time?

Employers don’t read them, they don’t have time. I surveyed 60 employers and 79% said they didn’t read cover letters, which I thought was a bit low

Job seekers misuse them, they write boring letters. Employers know this, and save them this hardship of reading your boring content

That said, many jobs still request a cover letter. If, a job advert requests a letter, you MUST send one

Let’s have a bit of FUN!! Read the letter at the end of this post

A few questions ……

Did you read my letter right to the end? If so, I achieved my first goal

Did you smile or laugh? I know you did! That was my second goal

Would you call me for interview? YES! Well, that’s my main goal

Finally, Is this risky strategy? Yes! But not if employers are not calling

When writing your next cover letter….

  • Write how you’d say it, not how you think you should
  • Don’t be afraid to inject your personality
  • Sell yourself (insert achievements, avoid clichés)

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