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FREE CV Writing and Job Search e-book

FREE CV Writing and Job Search e-book


Are you sick of reading the same boring CV writing stuff online?

You’ve landed at the right page ….

I’ve published a short e-book. It’s fun!!

I teach you critical lessons about CV writing (and job search)

Topics include

1. Follow the rules, unless that rule is stupid
2. Learning Latin at school was costly
3. Think of it as an Easter Egg hunt
4. Recruiters see past Pritt Stick and glitter
5. I can’t write that, my boss takes the credit
6. Get your mum to write your CV
7. Wake me up when you get to the point

It’s received rave reviews

★ Paul, I am now trying to teach my kids that curtain-twitching, flute-playing squirrels have competitive advantages over Latin-speaking mannequins and zebras! Seriously though – good, concise advice provided in a fun way, which makes it easier to remember!!

★ Hi Paul, I have to say what an excellent information book, concise, witty, and packed full of gems for anyone changing jobs or returning to work. Invaluable piece of kit!!!

★ I’ve had a read through the e-book – thanks. Initially I saw the 28 pages and thought I’d just read the two sections you recommended, but one page led to another and onto another. It was extremely easy and snappy to read. The authenticity of the content is excellent!!

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