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CV Writing Hacks

I’m regularly asked to advise clients re: concerns they have about CV writing. A few include…

  • Worried they’ll be ruled out due to distance they live from a company
  • Concerned they’ll be ruled out because of their age
  • Worried they’ll be ruled out because of gaps in employment

Here are a few simple CV writing hacks to address these concerns

You live a long distance from the company

  • Remove your address

You are worried about your age (think you are too old)

  • Take out dates for education
  • Obviously, don’t add your date of birth
  • Don’t list the number of years of experience in your summary
  • Only list your most recent roles under career history

You are concerned about gaps in employment

  • Using year only, instead of month and year, when listing dates of employment
  • Amalgamate roles e.g., contract or temping roles

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