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CV Service | Excellent CV Writing Tips!

CV Content

1. Focused Content: Pay attention to the job requirements when writing your CV. This will provide guidance and help you write more focused CV content.

2. Tailor Your CV: Tailor your CV for each role you target. Amend content for each application. Tailoring your CV will improve your application to interview ratio.

3. WOW Factor: Populate CV content with facts, figures and achievements. Key achievements will help your CV stand out from the competition.

4. Short Sentences: Write short and crisp statements.

5. Use Bullet Points: Bullet points will ensure your CV is easier to read.

6. Avoid First Person Pronoun: Instead of: I generated €1.5m in sales revenue. Write: Generated €1.5m sales revenue.

7. Use Plain English: Keep things simple, using plain English. It’s important to include buzzwords, as some CVs are sifted by software. Mirror the terminology used in the job description.

8. Use Power Verbs: Power words help make your statements more impactful. Examples include: managed, supervised, led, organised, created, delivered and generated.

9. Be Consistent: Maintain consistency throughout your CV. This includes format, language, font styles and layout.

10. Don’t Lie: You will get caught out.

11. Spelling & Grammar: Proofread your CV. Don’t just rely on spelling and grammar checkers.


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“Only fair to show you a comment from a recruiter who I sent the CV off to…. “I have to say, it is now looking 10 times better than before. Very clear what you did in each role and structured perfectly. Money well spent!”” (John)

“Hi Paul, Just a quick thank you for your support in helping to update and improve my CV. I got the move I was looking for recently. I will continue to recommend your services in the future. Thanks again!” (Liam)

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